VERO is a pioneering virtual production studio

Virtual production is

Changing the fabric of film making

Virtual production is a groundbreaking set of technologies revolutionising content creation, advertising and film production.

For the first time, technology is allowing filmmakers and creatives to shoot the impossible, bridging the gap between imagination and technical reality. Costly set builds, location shooting and visual FX can be re-thought and re-imagined.

Watch the technology in action

Watch the technology in action

3D camera-rig

How does it work?

In the traditional VFX pipeline, complex effects and digital sets are crafted in “post production”. These assets can then be digitally added to footage through greenscreen keying. Some of the worlds biggest movie franchises have made extensive use of greenscreen sets to allow talent to appear on alien worlds, or in the midst of impossible action.

The drawback however, is the greenscreen itself. Cast and crew do their work in a featureless green volume, separated from the complex visuals that will eventually replace it. With Virtual production, this barrier to creativity can be eliminated. Our setup replaces the greenscreen with a configurable LED wall.

How does it work
How does it work

Live camera tracking gives our team a real-time camera position in 3d space.

Combining the camera data with Unreal Engine 4 allows us to update the Led wall with photoreal environments, seamlessly blending talent and visual effects live on set.

The wall has additional benefits, in that it casts light onto set, and can be endlessly customised for any shooting requirement. Vero supplies not only the physical kit required to run a virtual production shoot, but the content creation too. We’re experts in crafting immersive environments, leveraging the latest industry tools to create photorealistic sets.

Our technologies

  • 100m2 of LED panel coverage
  • 1500nit brightness
  • Minimum 25 degree viewing angle
  • 2500 Square Ft studio space,
 Covid compliant
  • 5.1 Surround playback system
  • Vanishing point Camera tracking system
  • Connect to any camera hardware, calibrated in minutes
  • Real time graphics via Unreal Engine

Our story

Vero grew out of a love of technical innovation and a background in traditional cgi rendering techniques.

When GPU rendering revolutionized and democratised the animation and motion graphics industry, we were among the first studios in the south west to embrace the new technology.

We believe that real-time production will do the same.

Our story
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Let's work together

If you have a project in mind, or would like to learn more about what our technology can achieve then let’s talk.


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